Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Couch Woes

We need a new couch. Badly. Our couch is sinking, and torn. We bought it at a discount furniture store about 5 years ago. Big mistake. You get what you pay for when it comes to furniture.
Here in lies my problem. I refuse to buy a new couch until I can find exactly what I want.
I would love a crisp white couch, but its not in the cards. We have 4 children, 2 cats and some clutzy adults in this house. White is NOT the way to go.
I saw the living room set of my dreams the other day. Not in a store, not on a website, but on a banner ad at the bottom of my email.
I clicked on the ad hoping to be directed to a page where I could save the picture for my wish book, or bring it to a furniture store and tell them "THIS, THIS is what I want" Imagine my dismay when a search of the products on the page I was brought to proved fruitless. The living room set of my dreams was no where to be found in their catalog. So now I just gaze longingly as the ad scrolls over the bottom of my email.

I'm not giving up. I will find it. One day.

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