Thursday, August 6, 2009

Plate Wall Expanded

My Plate wall has grown so much so quickly lately. I found a couple plates at goodwill that I liked. Then yesterday Jennifer came across a post on Craigslist, a lady was selling 4 plates that already had the hangers on them. She also had a tea pot that was so unique its pretty. Jennifer asked me to email the lady and ask her if she would take $5 for all the plates and $5 for the teapot. She agreed, we met at wal mart and she told me that these things had belonged to her grandmother. I think the lady was 55 or so, Jen says 60. Regardless, for these things to belong to her grandmother you know they are old! The plates have H&C stamped on them and from what we can tell they could date back as early as 1915. Each of the four is different, but they match if that makes sense. I love them! Now my goal is to find a few more large plates, that have COLOR on them. White is sort of overtaking the wall which is not what I orginally intended.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Last Peek....

Here's my work area. There are still several things on the list to be done- new mousepad, or I'll cover the current one using the tutorial Centsational Girl posted. I still have some of the fabric left that I used on the footstools. I also need to find some way to contain the mass of cords behind the desk that peek out. but this is where I spend my computer time. I have my essentials, a bottle of Vitamin water and my phone. I'm still loving my red desk. It makes me happy to sit here.
Here is the white side table all decked out. The candleholder was made over- I can't remember if I posted it or not. but it used to be gold. I'm trying to find the perfect candle to adorn it. The planter that I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby (for $2) holds our remote controls, and a couple pens so when I get some ideas I can jot them right in the appropriate journal. The top one, damask, is my household idea book. It holds paint chips, and its where I've jotted my ideas and supply list. The bottom journal has Santa on it, and its where I keep my gift list ideas for everyone in my family.
And here's the book case in its new home. The wall plaques I got at Family Dollar for $1.20 each. The standing sea shell plaque was $1.20 at Hobby Lobby. The tart warmer was a gift from Jennifer- I've had it several months.
So there you have it, a few of my favorite areas of the living room. I can't wait for the day when I can reveal the whole room. I still have a lot to do first. But it will be worth the wait. Promise!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Master Bedroom Part 2

Here's our bed. Our old comforter is covered with the duvet to match the new theme. The headboard? An old freecycle grab. It matched our old bedding perfectly- but now I have some great plans for it- you will have to stay tuned to see.

Small wall by the closet. I would lay in bed at night and stare at this wall, big enough to put something on, but small enough to pose a challenge. So I put the medium size shelf from the 3 set shelf mentioned yesterday, added the two grey IKEA mirrors Jennifer gave me, and the other two votives from the IKEA set that she gave me as well.
Above the bed we have the black and white canvas I won in an online giveaway. Thats a pic of hubby an I a couple summers ago.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Master Bedroom Part 1

This is my dressing area. Certainly in progress- the dresser will be refinished soon.
I'm also looking for a nice little chair or bench for under the shelf and mirror.
This is the other half of my dressing area- the mirror hanging on the wall? Part of my dumpster diving experience! I'm almost certain I will be painting it.
So for the breakdown- The stone plaque- Family Dollar- $2 (was a gift from Jennifer), black shelf is part of a set of 3 from Target, clearance for $5, Candle Votives- IKEA (another gift from Jennifer- she's redecorating her room and moving away from the black and white theme so I'm benefiting from that), Mirror- Fallas, $3, Fleur De Lis wall hook 25 cents at a flea market.

And a close up of the mirror. I love the detail, and think its a perfect addition to my dressing area. Being as I'm on the short side, I have it hung at the perfect height that it serves as a full length mirror for me.
So again- this is a work in progress- I'm posting all the rooms as a "before" so once I get them all where I want them, you and I will be able to flash back to how they looked before. Stay tuned tomorrow for part 2.

Sorry for being a bad blogger- its been crazy few days.