Thursday, August 6, 2009

Plate Wall Expanded

My Plate wall has grown so much so quickly lately. I found a couple plates at goodwill that I liked. Then yesterday Jennifer came across a post on Craigslist, a lady was selling 4 plates that already had the hangers on them. She also had a tea pot that was so unique its pretty. Jennifer asked me to email the lady and ask her if she would take $5 for all the plates and $5 for the teapot. She agreed, we met at wal mart and she told me that these things had belonged to her grandmother. I think the lady was 55 or so, Jen says 60. Regardless, for these things to belong to her grandmother you know they are old! The plates have H&C stamped on them and from what we can tell they could date back as early as 1915. Each of the four is different, but they match if that makes sense. I love them! Now my goal is to find a few more large plates, that have COLOR on them. White is sort of overtaking the wall which is not what I orginally intended.

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