Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Master Bedroom Part 2

Here's our bed. Our old comforter is covered with the duvet to match the new theme. The headboard? An old freecycle grab. It matched our old bedding perfectly- but now I have some great plans for it- you will have to stay tuned to see.

Small wall by the closet. I would lay in bed at night and stare at this wall, big enough to put something on, but small enough to pose a challenge. So I put the medium size shelf from the 3 set shelf mentioned yesterday, added the two grey IKEA mirrors Jennifer gave me, and the other two votives from the IKEA set that she gave me as well.
Above the bed we have the black and white canvas I won in an online giveaway. Thats a pic of hubby an I a couple summers ago.

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  1. I just love that headboard! It looks like you've created quite a romantic space; the print is a nice touch :).