Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall decor on a budget

First of all see my new shelves? My friend Jennifer saw them at Target on clearance- 75% off! She thought they matched the airy, beachy feel I'm going for in the living room- so she picked a couple up for me. I love them! After a recent living room shuffle, my cute white side table was pushed into a corner, not shining like I wanted it to- so once we got the shelves together, I just turned it sideways slid it between the two and now its a gem once again.
Now onto the purpose of the post- fall decor. My most important tip is the same as it is with regular decorating- ask around! I'm sure all of us have at least one friend or family member who decorates to the hilt every year. These friends usually have such a large collection that they don't put everything out, or throw things out that they no longer want. These items can be huge for you. You will notice the little pumpkins scattered around- they are gifts from Donna, Jen's mom. In fact, since my box of fall decorations is missing, most of my fall decor is from Donna.
With the exception of a few things I have picked up on the cheap. One of which is the plate/charger the vase is sitting on in the middle. Simple deep orange plate, Target clearance for 24 cents.

Jennifer recently changed work locations, and the two glass vases on the ends she had at her former office, she brought them home where they sat, and I decided to utilize them for a while. I bought some fall candles at Target, scattered some leaves and more pumpkins, and pretty is as pretty does. When she needs them back, I can replace them for a couple bucks at Wal Mart.
Few more touches here and there- many more not pictured, and fall has fallen on my home. Its all so cozy and warm.

I'm contemplating decorating for Christmas earlier than normal this year. I normally have an afternoon/evening of decorating the day after Thanksgiving, but this year our anniversary is the day after, and it happens to be our 10th. Plus I got a new tree and I'm OH so excited to decorate here. With our high ceilings, staircase etc. Its going to be gorgeous!

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