Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Basic Tips and Tricks for Decorating or Re-Decorating on the Cheap

  • Look around.
You would be surprised how much you already have that can be given a new life to fit into your new decorating scheme. Curtains give you yards of fabric for other projects, a little bit of paint works wonders, etc. So take a look around your current home with fresh eyes.

  • Connect with friends and family.
Do you have a friend who loves to redecorate often? A family member who buys things that they never use? Connect with these people, share your ideas with them. They may have something they are willing to give you or sell to you at an extreme discount.
Family and friends are also great to borrow items from, such as paint brushes, and other supplies. This is especially helpful if you are just working on a small project.

  • Thrift stores and Garage sales are nice, but Craigslist and Freecycle are better!
Yes you heard me right. Unless you are just going out garage sale hunting, or thrift store shopping for the fun of it, on those occasions you are just looking for one or two specific items, save your gas, make a post on your local freecycle and hit up your local craigslist for a search.
Saves on gas and sanity (if you have children) And you will get just as great of a deal (sometimes better if its free!)

  • Set a budget and stick to it!
This is hard to do sometimes, but it is well worth it. On a recent IKEA trip I had a strict budget of $20. It made me stop and think before I added anything to the cart. I was forced to ask myself, do I really want/need/love this? If the answer wasn't yes to all three I didn't buy it. I left the store under budget and only with things I really loved!

and finally

  • Look for accessories in less likely places.
I ran across some gems at our local dollar store. Now granted, not the highest of quality of items, but for small accessories, wall decor etc, you can usually get it for just a couple of bucks. And sometimes you'll be shocked at a find, like the lamp I found for my boys room for $6 that is perfect!

So there you have it, a few tips and tricks to get you started. Keep those creative juices flowing!

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