Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Taking a tiered table from drab to fab!

So this is the before. Totally blah. Functional, but drab. I picked this table up at a garage sale a few years ago, and it served very well as a bedside table. I got some free paint in the Glidden sample give away, borrowed brushes and primer from a friend, and dug in to remake this into something fab.

First step was to take the entire thing apart. Simple to do, just used the handy dandy power drill, carefully as to not strip the screws.
Next I primed all the pieces. And used putty to fill in the holes where the top tier set.
Brushed on the pretty Glidden paint in Crisp Linen White. Put the legs back on (again carefully as to not scratch the new paint job with the drill. And tada! A very nice, clean side table for the living room. Stay tuned to see what I did with the top tier!

Total Time: 2 hours (give or take depending on how fast your paint dries- its triple digits here, so I might as well have been painting in a kiln!)
Total Cost: $0


  1. Oh Mandy, you know how we love a piece of furniture painted crisply white. Especially when it's free - woo hoo! Nice work!


  2. That looks great! I followed your link from the YHO facebook page. I think I have a table that looks just like that in the attic. Never occured to me to take it apart! Thanks for the great idea.

  3. Doh, that should have said YHL FB page . . . Sorry!

  4. Thanks Tamster! Be sure to check back tomorrow and see what I did with the other piece- I think its my favorite part of the project!

  5. I saw you on the Youngsters FB comments. YOUR TABLE IS GREAT. OK so you have the same decor taste as I do. Well anyway, I love that tiered 50's/60's table. My style is Retro Modern Contemporary, *if there is such a thing.* ;-)
    I can't wait to see what you did to the top tier. :-D